Dry Body Brush

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This natural, vegan dry body brush is made of coconut fiber. Dry brushing is a pre-bathing ritual that has many benefits for the skin and lymphatic system.

Benefits of dry brushing:

  • Strengthens the immune system and improves overall health.
  • Improves muscle tone by distributing fat deposits within the skin’s tissues.
  • Promotes clear skin by exfoliating dead layers of skin.
  • Increases cell renewal to reveal softer, more youthful and resilient skin.
  • Stimulates lymph and blood circulation for the removal of impurities.
  • Cleans pores which allows for metabolic waste to be released.
  • Stimulates nerve endings in skin which is beneficial for the nervous system.
  • Activates normal healing pathways throughout your body.

How to use the dry brush:

Before bathing or showering, on DRY skin, start at feet and brush entire body (except face) using short, light frequent strokes towards the heart. Work up front and back to base of neck.  Use lighter strokes on delicate skin on chest, and abdomen. Brush from hands up arms toward armpits. Working up the body, brush in circular motions at the lymph node areas such as armpits to encourage removal of impurities.

Avoid sensitive areas as well as cuts, rashes and wounds.

Follow with a shower and Verano Body Oil to lock in moisture and protect your skin.

How to care for your brush:

Wash with soap and water, hang to dry

Approx. 7" long