Botanical Mask & Mist Duo

Botanical Mask & Mist Duo

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This set includes:

Coco Rosa HYDRATE Face Mist 

This Rose and Coconut Water hydrating mist is infused with botanical extracts such as soothing Aloe, healing Rosehip and antioxidant-rich Hibiscus. Apply daily after cleansing or anytime skin needs a refreshing spritz of hydration. Suitable for all skin types. 

Flora POLISH Vitamin C Face Mask

This face mask is a nourishing blend of minerals from clays and vitamins and antioxidants from flowers and plants. Suitable for all skin types.

Mix the mask with your choice of water, aloe juice or yogurt to work into a paste and boost the botanical powers. Spritz mask with the face mist as it begins to dry to allow the mask to deliver extra hydration to your skin.


Mix mask in our Aventurine Facial Mask Mixing BowlIt is non-reactive with clay and is the perfect tool for integrating the healing benefits of gemstones during your skincare ritual. Smooth, polished gemstone with a flattened base. Comes with wooden spoon. 

Follow up mask treatment with Oro Rosa NOURISH Face Oil pressed into clean skin, to lock in moisture with nourishing botanical oils.