Our Values + Philosophy

Esteli is the Alternative

Skinhealth, not Skincare

"Green" in skincare means nothing. We had to create a new category to separate us from the conflicting claims and confusion of commercial skincare. Skinhealth is definite, understandable and just makes sense.

What is skinhealth?

Skinhealth is:

  • recognizing your skin as an amazing organ that thrives when supported. Much like how you are what you eat, your skin reflects how it is nourished.
  • providing your body with support from the natural world, in order for it to function as nature intended. Healthy skin is radiant skin.

The belief that nature provides us with everything we need to thrive is fundamental to everything we formulate.

Welcome to the Estelí family, we are happy you're here.

OUr Founder+ Formulator

Meet Adriana

After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, I realized that a large portion of toxins had accumulated in my body via cosmetics, skincare, hair color, and other beauty products. I felt a huge sense of betrayal by the beauty industry as I found harmful chemicals in even the high-end products I had been using.

This led me to study the amazing qualities of botanicals and skincare formulation. I began formulating effective products using only ingredients that contribute to the health and beauty of your skin. This is how Esteli came to be.

Esteli has been an integral part of my health journey, I'm excited for it to be a part of yours.

Bottling Botanical Purity

Every ingredient in every product we produce is carefully chosen with your health, and the well being of our planet, as its foundation.


Estelí, Nicaragua


While traveling to my motherland of Nicaragua, the tropical air, gorgeous greenery, plentiful fruits, the warm sunshine and the tranquility had an amazing effect on my skin and soul.

 In Nicaragua, is a town called Estelí (Spanish pronunciation: [esteˈli]). In that town is a nature preserve called, Miraflor, which translates to Look the flower, or Flower View. There are over 200 species of orchids in this reserve. Experiencing healthy glowing skin while surrounded by beautiful plants served as the inspiration for Esteli, from the botanical ingredients to the green glass containers.

Nature continues to be my muse, from the ocean to the forest. I continue to explore the wonderful world of botanicals, appreciating every aspect from their beauty to their healing qualities.